Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Its the lazy end-of-summer. Not so lazy in real life, but its nice in theory right?


  1. Hello,

    jsut love this one (among other but this one make me feel on clouds) where could i buy one (if possible in poster size ?) of this ? I went on esty shop but you don't have this one ?


    1. Hi Angie!
      Thanks so much for your kindness towards my work! I'm so honored that you enjoy this piece in particular. It is available to download as a postcard for free here:
      I am also putting it up to purchase as a print on my Etsy.
      All the best to you-

  2. This is a lovely composition. It reminds me of my dock on my northern Quebec lake - cattails, waterlilies, sitting on the dock reading or observing. The one thing I wouldn't do is float among the lilypads beacause we have at least one gigantic snapping turtle in the neighbourhood! Your ink and watercolour technique is very effective and I enjoy how you've captured the spirit of Savanah - a city that I hope to visit one day. Keep up your fascinating work.