Thursday, February 7, 2013


Here is a recent little commission I finished up. It made my day that the client gave me the bonus payment of a wonderful fresh baked loaf of bread! Its the best kind of company while I draw all day.


  1. Beautiful. I finally got the 2 prints I bought from you ages ago framed - the problem now is deciding where to put them, they look so good wherever I try them!

  2. Hey Kelsey,
    I've run into your beautiful work a few times lately, and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm an artist/illustrator living in Clemson, South Carolina. I grew up in Switzerland, so it sounds like we have a similar european/"nouveau south" background.
    I also make a mean loaf of bread :)
    best, Tatjana

  3. A bread bonus! I would take that any day:)